Absenteeism Statistics - 2019
  • An estimated R19 144 billion is lost due to sick absenteeism in South Africa every year.
  • 14.1% of the total sick absenteeism incidents in corporate South Africa are related to influenza;
  • 6.09% of the total sick leave incidents related to gastroenteritis every year;
  • That means that an average South African company with 50 employees could be losing up to 105 days per year due to influenza alone, and another 45 days to gastro. That’s 150 days a year lost to infectious diseases which are spread – largely – by poor hand hygiene.  

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Specialists in workplace hygiene  and sanitation. 

Micro Hygiene is much more than just a Cleaning Service. It is a Company dedicated to protecting the well-being of Organizational Workforce, by means of efficient, effective hygiene and sanitizing solutions to eliminate community spreading of germs – disease spreading from one person to another.

Managing hygiene and the control of infection in the workplace is crucial to the Health and Safety of the Workforce. Ongoing wellness is tantamount to productivity. The recent pandemic of COVID-19 means Organizations need to pay serious attention to simple and effective measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Collaborative business relationships with Health and Safety Officers, has enabled Micro Hygiene to format a specialist approach to a combination of service solutions. These solutions involve efficient and effective disinfectants and sensitization within the work environment.

80% of infections are spread through coughing and sneezing up to 3000 droplets of infected germs.

Infection Control Solutions

Outbreaks of infectious diseases pose a serious risk to humans as they can spread extremely quickly through a variety of forms like body fluids which remain in the air or even surface to surface contact.

Work Station Sanitation

A tidy workstation can help employees become high achievers. Cleanliness also contributes to employee health, safety, and better office hardware maintenance. Is it time for you to prioritize cleanliness in your company? 

Lock Down Level 3:
Workplace Preparedness

As South Africa moves to Lock Down Level 3, all businesses are required to have a Covid-19 Workplace Preparedness Plan. Micro~Hygiene have created a variety of solutions to ensure your business is compliant with the latest regulations.