COVID-19 Work Place Preparedness

Many challenges face businesses returning to work during COVID-19. Arm your team with the training to ensure their safety.

Micro Hygiene have created a variety of  products with all the necessary information to assist companies in implementing COVID-19 procedures in the workplace. It also includes valuable informational charts and booklets that will drive COVID-19 awareness in the workplace.

Our solutions are based on best practice, sourced locally and internationally.

Covid-19 Employee Training

Covid-19 Employee Education Booklet

Covid-19 Educational Posters

Course structure

  • What is COVID-19?
  • How does Covid-19 spread from person to  person and across surfaces?
  • Principles of infection control.
  • How Do I Prevent Covid-19 Infection?
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting the Environment
  • What is Screening?
  • When should I be tested?
  • What are the symptoms and risks associated with the virus?
  • How Germs are Spread

This course includes a certification of completion for each participating employee. 

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Returning to work while the COVID-19 is at large can be  frustrating, and confusing.

Whether you are in charge of a labor force returning to work, or part of that staff
complement, this booklet contains Government prescribed information to keep you, and those around you, compliant and safe at the office.

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Covid-19 Educational Posters

Set of 6 Comprehensive
COVID-19 awareness charts.

Visual based information to educate as well as create awareness of the COVID-19 Virus in the work place.

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Why Should I Train My Team?

COVID-19 is not due to improper working conditions within the company environment. Rather it is due to external conditions beyond their control. This unseen enemy has forced companies into a corner:

  • This is because COVID-19 is brought into the workplace and then spread via people infecting others and contaminating surfaces.
  • Companies need to function in order to generate income and preserve employment.
  • With the possibility of COVID-19 appearing in the workplace, companies need to implement extraordinary measures to protect business continuity.
  • COVID-19 will create downtime in companies. Many companies open and subsequently close temporarily because of COVID-19 appearing in the workplace. (Game, DISCHEM, Anglo Gold, CHECKERS)
  • No company can afford downtime. However this must be planned for.
  • Although Downtime cannot be eliminated it can be minimized with the correct training and procedures in place.

Employer vs Employee

This is only a very small snippet of what companies can expect and are required to implement.

The employer has responsibilities to shield the employee and any third parties by creating a safe working environment.

  • Employers will need to do a risk assessment on all the possible scenarios that could arise and cause cross contamination
  • This means creating new policies, procedures and methodologies to mitigate risk.
  • Identifying and implementing solid structures to mitigate risk will be a prerequisite to maintaining a zero risk  environment.

The employee has the responsibility to preserve themselves and anyone they come into contact with by maintaining a safe work environment.

  • They need to make the company aware if they have COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has symptoms.
  • They need to report to management if they suspect any other employee might have symptoms that might affect the company.
  • They need to make the company aware of risk exposure to themselves. For example:- delivery of company goods to third parties, meeting with representatives, etc.

Micro~Hygiene have created a solid package of products, policies & procedures and employee training that will assist to preserve your company and it’s business continuity by mitigating risk as  South Africa moves to Lock Down Level 3.

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